How long can I stay in Belgium with a Cohabitation Visa?

In Belgium, your Cohabitation Visa is valid as long as you are still living with your cohabitation partner AND as long as your cohabitation partner has permission to be in Belgium. For example, if you cohabitation partner was allowed to live in Belgium for 3 years working for a company, when their visa expires, your cohabitation visa will also expire as it is directly linked to your cohabitation partner. Also, if you break your cohabitation contract with your partner, technically, your Cohabitation Visa is no longer valid. Most likely you will need to return to commune once a year, on the day your Belgian Residence Card expires, to get a new one. You will need to bring some money to pay the small fee and at least three passport pictures for your new card.


  1. #1 by muhammad Solihan on March 26, 2017 - 12:37 am

    hello i’m from Malaysia , can i know how many months i can stay in Belgium without visa?

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