work permit orange card

Belgium Work Permit with Orange Card

Can you get a Belgium work permit, Orange Card? When you apply for a Cohabitation Visa in Belgium you will be given a temporary Orange Card, (Attestation d’Immatriculation), which allows you to stay in Belgium while the decision about your visa is being made over the next 5-6 months. The rules surrounding whether or not […]


translate documents

Translate Documents for Belgium Visa

What Documents to Translate for the Cohabitation Visa Application Depending on where you apply for the Cohabitation Visa and the original language of your documents, your local commune may require that your official documents are translated into French, Dutch, German or English. When my partner and I applied at the Brussels Central commune, our documents […]


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cohabitation children

Cohabitation and Children

 Cohabitation and Children: Proof of Relationship Based on Child Together One way to show proof of a durable relationship in your Cohabitation Visa application is to show that you have a child together with your partner. This can be proved with an official birth certificate for your child that shows both parents names. The birth […]


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cohabitation statistics belgium

Cohabitation Statistics Belgium

Cohabitation Statistics in Belgium According to Statistics Belgium, in 2013 the number of people who made the declaration of legal cohabitation in Belgium is 79323. In 2013, 96.6% of those were in heterosexual relationships, while 3.4% were in same-sex relationships. But these are just the “official numbers”. The Bulletin notes some surprising cohabitation statistics that […]

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cohabitation definition

Cohabitation Definition

Cohabitation Definition According to the Free Legal dictionary by Farlex, the Cohabitation Definition is, “an arrangement where two people who are not married live together in an emotionally and/or sexually intimate relationship on a long-term or permanent basis. Cohabitation usually refers to unmarried couples who live together without formally registering their relation as a marriage. […]


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declaration of legal cohabitation

Declaration of Legal Cohabitation

Two people who live together and make a Declaration of Legal Cohabitation to the local municipal authorities, are legal cohabitants. This statement gives them some legal protection under cohabitation laws and rights. Legal cohabitation is available to all people living together in Belgium. It can be a heterosexual couple or a homosexual couple. You can […]


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cohabitation agreement

Cohabitation Agreement

What is a Cohabitation Agreement? A Cohabitation Agreement, also called a Cohabitation Contract,  is a legal arrangement which can be made by both heterosexual and same-sex couples in Belgium as long as: Neither is already in a marriage NOR in another cohabitation arrangement. This contract is used to settle any specific aspects of your cohabitation such […]

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cohabitation laws

Cohabitation Laws and Rights

Cohabitation Laws Under Belgium cohabitation there is a very broad cohabitation definition. Cohabitation laws cover sexual partners, people of any sexual orientation, and family relationships. Thus, a brother and a sister, an unmarried couple, gay couple etc. can make the declaration of legal cohabitation. The law simply states that two adults who are not related […]

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cohabitation visa denied

What To Do If Your Application for Cohabitation Visa Is Denied

If you application for a Cohabitation Visa is denied, your family reunification status has been refused by the Immigration Department. The Cohabitation Visa is usually denied for one or both of the following reasons: You and your partner do no meet the visa requirements You did not submit all of the required documents, or your documents were […]

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visa after legal cohabitation ends

What happens to my visa after cohabitation ends?

In Belgium legal cohabitation can end for three reasons: by the marriage or death of one of the cohabiting partners by mutual agreement by both of the cohabiting partners by a decision by only one of the partners Learn: exactly how to end legal cohabitation in Belgium. The actual process is quite simple. As a […]

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