Applying for a Belgium Cohabitation Visa: Final Steps

Within three weeks after you receive your temporary ID sheet, the commune should summon you by mail to come and pick up your Belgian ID card.

Take the letter you received in the mail and your temporary ID sheet back to your commune. The mailed summons should tell you where to go to pick up your card, but make sure that you read it carefully, because it may be somewhere different than before, as you are no longer considered a foreigner, but now a Belgian Resident!

Your new Belgian ID card will most likely only be valid for 3 months. So when it expires you will need to return to the commune once again on the day it expires to pick up your more permanent card.

This process of picking up a new card when your old one expires will continue as long as your cohabitation visa remains valid. You cohabitation visa is still valid as long as you are still honoring the contract and living with your cohabitation partner and they are still legally allowed to live in Belgium.

Congratulations! You did it!

Send your Cohabitation Visa success story to stories[at]belgiumcohabitationvisa[dot]com and we just might put it up on the site to help the community! You could be famous!

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